Looking for Books –

I’m trying to find


In Particular – Goofus Glass: An Illustrated Value Guide Paperback – January 1, 1984

Not enough Bookstores…

I am one of those people that loves to read.  I do read electronic media, books on my Ipod or information on the internet, but there is something comforting about holding a book.

Perhaps it is the smell of the pages, every book smells differently, according to the age, where it has been, a whole list of criteria on the life of a book, all boiling down to how it smells.

Perhaps it is the tactile qualities – the weight of the book, how tattered and worn it is, translating on how well it has been cared for. A much enjoyed book will look worn in all of the right places – fingers discolor the pages, dog-eared corners marking particularly enjoyable passages.

With more and more people switching to information on-line, my favorite book stores are falling by the wayside, dropping like flies in the cold. These days, my favorite place has to be The Vancouver Public Library.

I think if everyone bought a book a month, there would be a whole new interest in bookstores. All of those little gems with pictures and printing would become important again. Mean time, I go to Thrift Stores to find little gems or wonder.

The weekend, Nice to relax… Make pictures :-)

I recently photographed this lovely  water pitcher. The weekends are my time to go out and play, photographing pottery, glass and any other collectibles that catches my eye. PressedGlass-Pitcher-October11_2014_01D PressedGlass-Pitcher-October11_2014_03D PressedGlass-Pitcher-October11_2014_04D Detail views of a clear, pressed glass water pitcher with sunburst pattern on the base, diamond windows and fan pattern grooves – the front of the pitcher has horizontal ribs under the spout. PressedGlass-Pitcher-October11_2014_05D

I would categorize this jug as: A vintage pressed glass water jug with diamond shaped windows and fan shaped groves – measures five inches in height from base to spout final, four and three quarter inches from edge of handle to spout lip, and two and three quarter inches diameter at the base.      PressedGlass-Pitcher-October11_2014_06D PressedGlass-Pitcher-October11_2014_07D Any help identifying this pattern and what company made it, would be appreciated… and posted.

Rainy Day Blahs

Another Rainy Day in Vancouver. What better way to spend it than sitting in Starbucks and having a cup or two of Java and getting my website into the 21st Century? This is the link for The whole ball of wax page. From here you can access the OLD WEBSITE in all of it’s glory – http://www.ernestartist.org/ClickHereFirst.htm