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Myers International Midways began its operation in 1966 as Myers Amusement Company. The show was very small with just six rides. They have grown steadily since that time and in 1980 the name changed to Myers International Midways. At present, the midway consists of approximately forty rides. They have most all of the standard rides along with ten spectaculars, including a Giant Gondola Wheel, Wipe Out, Rock and Roll Music Ride, Sea Ray, High Flyer, and our newest addition, the Orbiter.
A big part of their season is spent split into two units consisting of eighteen to twenty rides each. They supply an excellent Kiddieland which includes a large Merry-go-round and a good variety of other kiddie rides. Typically, the season runs from March through October and they play fairs in Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

They operate in winter quarters during the off season in Gibsonton, Florida, refurbishing the rides for the next season. They have a fully equipped shop where they build a lot of our equipment. Several of the fun houses were manufactured in-house.

Photos - L-R - Hot Pizza stand on the Myers Midway in J. Travic Price Park, Robertson County Fairgrounds (4155 Wilkes Road) in Springfield Tennessee.

A trailer mounted Eli Hy 5 ride with most of the seats taken off the 30 foot tall structure to make the wheel bottom heavy during closed hours.

A Remix II Ride - The Orbiter/Remix is a fairground ride invented by Richard Woolls in 1976. It has a number of articulated arms radiating from a central rotating vertical axis. Each arm supports a cluster of cars, which are lifted through 90° into the horizontal position once the ride is spinning. At the same time, each cluster of cars rotates around its arm's axis.

Photos - The Yoyo ride with Myers generator truck providing a source of power to the midway (left) and Fun slide (right) made by Fredrickson Manufacturing - the slide is 65 feet length, 15 feet to the platform, and 27 feet to the top of the sign. It takes up 80 feet by 16 feet on the ground.

Photos - L-R - A Chance Manufactured ride called the Zipper at the east end of Myers Midway - The Zipper was invented by Joseph Brown as a part of Chance Rides, Inc., a company based in Wichita, Kansas that has manufactured more than 200 Zipper units since the ride's beginning in 1968. The ride is no longer featured on Chance Morgan's website catalog, sparking the assumption that the Zipper is no longer manufactured but may be ordered by customer request. The ride is characteristically simplistic, having changed little in design since the ride's conception, and implies an intimidating cage sensation. The machine has been comically described as an instrument of torture, but nonetheless maintains a strong fan base of thrill-seekers. Most models of the Zipper follow a similar basic format: A long, rotating, oval boom with a cable around its edge that pulls 12 cars around the ride. Except at peak times, most operators will only fill half of the cars at one time with riders. Like most carnival equipment, the ride is designed to be portable. It can be disassembled onto a truck and transported from site to site.

A Flying Bobs ride - The Matterhorn, Alpine express or Flying Bobs, sometimes known by alternate names such as Musik Express or Terminator in the UK, is an amusement ride very similar to the Superbob, which consists of a number of cars attached to axles that swing in and out. The hill and valley shape of the ride causes a pronounced swinging motion: the faster the ride goes, the more dramatic the swinging motion. It is quite common to see this ride at a traveling Fun Fair. Most carnivals and parks require riders to be at least 42 inches or taller.

Ice Cream & Deserts wagon


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